Biography: Nicky Loh


Nicky Loh is a full-time commercial photographer based in Singapore and Shanghai. He started out as a photojournalist with Reuters and soon expanded his repertoire to specialise in portraiture and documentary photography. In his photographs, he aims to create visuals that are naturalistic and convey an emotional truth. He is drawn to capturing the unguarded moment, the spontaneous interaction, the exchange of a sincere glance – the real intimacy, joy, concentration or excitement in someone’s eyes. Loh’s clients include HSBC, Singapore Tourism Board, Nike, Adidas, Esquire and Bvlgari. Loh also prides himself on being one of the last few fluent speakers of Hainanese in Singapore, and has the uncanny ability to eat chicken rice and kaya toast everyday.

The portrait of Nicky Loh was drawn by Flee Circus.

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