Biography: Zinkie Aw


Zinkie Aw |zɪŋkɪ aʊ| [zeen-key ahow]
noun. Singaporean photographer NRIC S85XXXXXX born in 1985. Female. Has an obsession with ‘trashy portraits’. Has photographed trend stories about the Psy-nomenon (Once Upon A Gangnam Style, 2012) and Candy Crush (Meet the Candi-Dates, 2013). Also tells Home Store-ies (2014) through photographs of storerooms in Singapore. Her observations revolve around issues of identity, urban consumption, trends and the environment.

Zinkie’s photos have been published in the Sunday Times (UK), Kult Magazine, Catalog (Singapore), Straits Times (Singapore), Weekend Weekly (Hong Kong) and《 L a V i e . 漂 亮 》 (Taiwan). Her work has also been featured online news at Invisible Photographer Asia, designboom, PetaPixel and PSFK. She has exhibited in the Singapore International Photography Festival (2014), Milan Image Art & Design Fair (2014), Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris exhibition (2013) and Galeri Petronas in Kuala Lumpur (2013).


The portrait of Zinkie Aw was drawn by Flee Circus; and Leonard Goh, who will anchor all the interviews in this series, is a co-founder of Platform.

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