TwentyFifteen 08/20: ARTiculate by Tan Ngiap Heng

Cover: ARTiculate by Tan Ngiap Heng

This is my second attempt at the series ARTiculate, portraits of people in the arts. In 1999, as a young photographer who had just left the Esplanade as an arts administrator, I thought that it would be cool to take a series of portraits of artists whom I knew. It would be a series of black and white portraits shot in natural light. I took about six portraits, but then my career taking publicity and production photographs for arts groups took off. I was unable to continue with the portraits simply because I was swamped, and somehow making the portraits did not get me pumped up.

More than a decade later, Platform invited me to contribute to their project. The team wanted a new series of work. I was tempted to offer a series of landscapes exploring my inner journey, but that would be something new to me and might take several years to accomplish. So I came back to ARTiculate again. I didn’t want to make traditional portraits, so I’ve tried to use my current practice to create these portraits. In Portraits as Archaeology (2012), I took a portrait of my subject and projected it into their personal space, creating a site for the viewer to excavate my subject’s personality. In Portraits as History (2013, I created intimate portraits of my subjects by using their old family photos to light them. In ARTiculate, I have tried to create portraits of artists while using their artworks to illustrate who they are.

The subjects in ARTiculate are visual artists, writers, dancers, theatre practitioners, musicians, photographers and animators. This is a varied group of people, and finding meaningful instances of their art to create their portraits has pushed me to expand the way I use projections in my work. As the series has progressed, I have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Nothing is perfect, but I feel that I have been able to convey, in these portraits, the art of these artists who live and work in Singapore.

ARTiculate is my visual poem, dedicated to the wonderful Singaporean artists who so greatly enrich all our lives. I have chosen artists whose work or spirit has moved me. This is not an unbiased, democratic survey of Singaporean artists; with only 15 portraits, it could not be such. This is an unabashed groupie dedication, moderated by access to my subjects. Not everyone I wanted to photograph allowed me to photograph them. And not everyone whom I photographed has made it into the tight selection of 15.

I hope you find the work as delightful as it was for me to create it.

sYtcKsVOaKKYaA4_8mqaApz6i8O8siP58BiPqcnNgw3euK3aXkZWbaiaJhtKDDk_HG4Ocw=w1294-h921Goh Soo Khim
Ballet Dancer
Co-founder and Artistic Director of Singapore Dance Theatre (1998 – 2008)
Director and Principal of Singapore Ballet Academy (1971 – 2013)

Portrait for the series Articulate. Series for Platform's 2015 projectChng Seok Tin
Visual Artist And Writer

as2ZzZFBLvA3AheoE4N713l9Z5FYU0fDtuEq_TdWtR38KPCtCcgt_T_bE0_GDllHp97niA=w1294-h921Santha Bhaskar
Classical Indian Dancer
Artistic Director of Bhaskar’s Art Academy

ePdl_cnFmSqwjY1Sdaozmsm7Gg4Fqa1pDtho4mfdya7-LpHY1-x2pf4NckQ2VF4Vmr78qg=w1294-h921Thirunalan Sasitharan
Theatre Practitioner
Director of The Intercultural Theatre Institute

Portrait for the series Articulate. Series for Platform's 2015 projectQuek Kiat Sing
Chinese Contemporary Ink Painter

2Mv1MNgIoh_3x2e7mbiukgzKNOwrCMkYaXZT7vr6V7lJzsA0hAZkwmBPMUtFzopiLcdS0w=w1294-h921Chow Chee Yong
Photographer and Educator

YCGTabw67D-jZH3dSq0UQ3s56Uxo2Y1tAAMNr5cj9vp_23nXqdz_VUBDkQErQHyBHRuqxw=w1294-h921Leslie Tan
Classical Musician
Cellist of T’ang Quartet

OxeDKUucV08q2kIcG7wJmOh74D7OMm8ndqXGL-C7bg7LyJUKqTX0dgImJk_Gj2RsoYMhYA=w1343-h655Kunyi Chen

nFF13JDWBIcNXkkVg9MCM014cnjJZAFDIrd9kI6pchPnzrHdQPTF_wEVEymcaxjDRXu3EA=w1343-h655Iskandar Jalil

daJsxULF8L1UssFP_MCEJ5aOQI_k8Fo2TDvgSUKVLzl3gOrv_m3HZaRUG_GMHTw8YJKj5Q=w1294-h921Adrian Tan
Writer and Lawyer

Portrait for the series Articulate. Series for Platform's 2015 projectOvidia Yu

CNAxnoWwzVzcX-Ch5YzrzcO92alMBFp3z3ItrOQ5TD8hxH8UbexWJGxitgqnLjdSWIveXg=w1294-h921Li Xie
Theatre Practitioner

HV0hq6ZBHO5FhDmsiD44f_T1YAm5tyHGClD8RNHbMDNi6zkq0sO7x5Y-Qh645khBirBdIQ=w1294-h921Zai Kuning
Multi-disciplinary Artist

pQL8QzdIOA7RlKIE8m_rbOOL4-Q574r9Dd7yCGtk_m1ZJzrQG9tCuQvC8xmYINwG-voIUA=w1294-h921Haresh Sharma
Resident Playwright
The Necessary Stage

Alvin Tan
Founder and Artistic Director
The Necessary Stage

IgjKJ0_MFloOUKh4BuNsKbI4keU4Q2cNFK4lYOpQGzaq4lrdbR6SWREFLdmSeKqkCJVzUg=w1294-h921Zul Sultan
Leader of the band Tania


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