TwentyFifteen 07/20: A Little Bit of Me from Everything Else by Matthew Teo

07/20 Matthew Teo's coverMade over a period of four years during my tenure at Calibre Pictures, this series shows the various concerns that gripped me as I entered the working world fresh from National Service. Many of the images depict my struggle to cope with work, friends, partners and family as work took up a huge chunk of my time during my early years with the studio.

MatthewThese pictures are very much an extension of myself, just as all my past series also revolved around my friends, family and military service. The everyday has, in recent years, become intimately intertwined with contemporary art, and I take daily life as my subject matter.

Gaffer tape, mannequins, trolleys, huge bags of equipment and lightstands are part and parcel of my life as a camera assistant. Including them in this series is my attempt at formalising my work, as well as coming to terms with my career as a commercial/fashion photographer while juggling my own expectations as an artist and the influences I have had since my teenage years. I hope to challenge the boundaries we continually reconstruct between the self and others, as well as question what is socially acceptable to share with other people. This is particularly relevant in a modern world permeated by social media, where everyone is trying to share a piece of life and grab attention. I also use self-portraiture to express widespread social sentiments as well as my personal ones towards national policies and governance in Singapore.

#NAC Doesn't Like Me#NAC Doesn’t Like Me

#My Assistant Bag of Tricks and Treats#My Assistant’s Bag of Tricks and Treats

#Every Muthafucka Wants a Piece of Me#Every Muthafucka Wants a Piece of Me

#Christianity is Work#Christianity is Work

#I am Jesus Christ#I am Jesus Christ

#Best Friends Forever#Best Friends Forever

#6 Receptacles of Joy#6 Receptacles of Joy

#Same Same but Different Two#Same Same but Different Two

#Favorite Bits and Pieces of My Different Partners#Favorite Bits and Pieces of My Different Partners

#Same Same but Different#Same Same but Different

#Thank You Tiffany Tan#Thank You Tiffany Tan

#Anarchy In Singapore#Anarchy In Singapore

#My Lovely Tudung#My Lovely Tudung

#I Love Singapore So Much#I Love Singapore So Much

#Serving Singapore Both Ways#Serving Singapore Both Ways


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