Letter 2/20

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank everyone for your overwhelming support for TwentyFifteen.sg. We have only just begun our journey, yet the outpouring of love and offers of help have been truly, truly heart-warming.

Here we are at the second of twenty books, even though it seems like it was only yesterday that For My Son was published. Our Coastline offers yet another take on Singapore, this time through the eyes of Lim Weixiang, who for the last two years has been photographing along the 194 km of Singapore’s water’s edge.

For TwentyFifteen.sg, we asked Weixiang to continue this vein of investigation and perhaps surprise us a little with his images. What we got are 15 photographs that will make you want to run to the sea, if only to try and ascertain for yourself that what appears in his photographs actually exists.

On another level, Weixiang’s images provide a quirky glimpse into the lives and habits of those who spend time at the coastline. Interestingly, many of these denizens’ actions reflect life at large in Singapore as a society.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome some of our new partners – the National Youth Achievement Award Young Photographers Network (NYAA YPN) and Caffeine Creative. They are convinced by what we are doing and have stepped forward to be a part of our initiative. Thank you for believing in our cause.

We also want to announce a few more really exciting initiatives.

Come 19 and 20 October, we will join our valued partner, Invisible Photographer Asia, at the Singapore Photo Books Day. TwentyFifteen.sg is really happy to be part of this and we will be conducting a DIY photobook-making workshop that weekend. Watch out for more details on our website.

We are also going to make available some TwentyFifteen.sg merchandise. Most will be available through twentyfifteen.myshopify.com.

Lastly, as we go to press, we have a very limited number of Weixiang’s prints left for sale – if you haven’t considered them previously, perhaps you will now after seeing his work in Our Coastline. Let us know if you would like to purchase a print and support TwentyFifteen.sg. We will also be announcing, in due course, the other 18 TwentyFifteen.sg photographers’ limited-edition, signed and numbered A2 prints, along with their books.

Thank you everyone once again, and we hope to see you next month!



On behalf of Ernest, Kay Chin and Leonard