A Sneak Preview of Book/Folio #1

Darren's Sneak

Darren's Sneak

Have you all realized that since we went full steam with TwentyFifteen.sg, the haze has also gone into hiding?

Just look at how the sun beams nicely at Darren Soh.

I think it still shocks many of us working on this project that things are really taking shape and that we REALLY have a launch on August 6.

So what are we offering apart from 15 previously unpublished pictures by each photographer?

An insightful interview.

In each installment, Leonard Goh, a co-founder of Platform, will look at the images and text and then come up with a series of questions for the photographer.

The interview is then scrutinized by Yu-Mei Balasingamchow, who is a writer and editor who has a way with commas and exclamation marks, and obviously a professional we trust very much.

We believe this will help us understand the thinking better.

Also, as most photographers are camera-shy, we won’t have pictures of ourselves in the book. Instead, each of the photographers will be immortalized by Flee Circus, an artist well known for her illustrations.

The pages are taking shape somewhere in the eastern/central part of Singapore.

Do we dare tell you exactly where? I guess not, but we can tell you we are working with Jonathan Yuen, a highly sought-after creative director who runs Roots.

Do you still want me to tell you his address?

OK admit it, you can’t wait to hold the real thing right?

Because that is how we feel.