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And our online storefront is LIVE! Visit TWENTYFIFTEEN’s online store to pre-order your copy of Darren Soh’s For My Son, or pre-order the entire set of 20 books! Head over to and remember to return periodically as we will be announcing new books and prints!

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As promised, details on how you can support the initiative:

SGD 25
A single volume of, limited to a print run of 500 per issue.

SGD 500
Till 31 Dec 2013, All 20 volumes of + one unnumbered/ unsigned A3 sized print from a photographer of your choice. ***

SGD 500
From Jan 2014, All 20 volumes of + one unnumbered/ unsigned A4 sized print from a photographer of your choice. ***

SGD 1200
A signed and numbered A2 sized print selected by the photographer made in a limited edition of 3.

*** HOW THIS WORKS: When you confirm an order, you can start choosing an image that has been published in any of the series. Yes, you can wait till your favorite image appears to exercise that. If you order more than one set, there is no need to exercise all three entitlements in one go. You can take one print this year, one next year, etc etc.

OTHER OPTIONS: For an additional processing and mailing fee, you can also choose to receive the books by post instead of self-collection. Details soon at our online payment site.

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A man who rather let his designs do the talking, creative director Jonathan Yuen has to be persuaded to appear in front of the cameras. Picture by Darren Soh.

Documentary makers Juliana Tan and Bernice Wong also caught the bug and are doing pro-bono videos to promote this initiative. Picture by Darren Soh.

Darren Soh has set a high standard for the rest of the team to follow by going first with a wonderful book dedicated to his son, Christian. Picture by Ox Lee.

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Save the Date!

PLATFORM would like to invite you to the launch event:

Date: 6th August 2013

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: National Museum Salon

Copies of For My Son by Darren Soh will be available for sale at SGD25.

All proceeds from book sales will go directly back to funding

See you there!

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Darren's Sneak

Darren's Sneak

Have you all realized that since we went full steam with, the haze has also gone into hiding?

Just look at how the sun beams nicely at Darren Soh.

I think it still shocks many of us working on this project that things are really taking shape and that we REALLY have a launch on August 6.

So what are we offering apart from 15 previously unpublished pictures by each photographer?

An insightful interview.

In each installment, Leonard Goh, a co-founder of Platform, will look at the images and text and then come up with a series of questions for the photographer.

The interview is then scrutinized by Yu-Mei Balasingamchow, who is a writer and editor who has a way with commas and exclamation marks, and obviously a professional we trust very much.

We believe this will help us understand the thinking better.

Also, as most photographers are camera-shy, we won’t have pictures of ourselves in the book. Instead, each of the photographers will be immortalized by Flee Circus, an artist well known for her illustrations.

The pages are taking shape somewhere in the eastern/central part of Singapore.

Do we dare tell you exactly where? I guess not, but we can tell you we are working with Jonathan Yuen, a highly sought-after creative director who runs Roots.

Do you still want me to tell you his address?

OK admit it, you can’t wait to hold the real thing right?

Because that is how we feel.

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Edition of three, plus one artist’s proof
S$1200 per print*


* By purchasing a print, you are making a direct and important contribution to the publications of twentyfifteen books. Without your generous support, the financial burden of self-publishing them will be significantly higher for us.

About the print:
– Paper size: 17″ x 22″
– Image size: 13.8″ x 20.8″
– Each print is carefully made with the Epson Stylus Pro 4800 Printer, using original Epson inks.
– The paper for this edition is Museo Silver Rag, 300gsm.
– You can find out more about the paper specifications for Museo Silver Rag paper here.
– Signed with title, edition number and year, in ink, recto

Singapore shipping:
– Free hand delivery for any Singapore addresses.
– Each print is delivered in top grade Mylar or equivalent.

Overseas shipping:
- we will work with individual buyer on the best shipping option.
– Additional charges to be borne by buyer.
- Each print is delivered in top grade Mylar or equivalent, with additional protection for shipping

More info about digital printing in general:
- Wilhelm Imaging Research is the world authority on stability and preservation of traditional and digital photographs.

How to make an order:
Place your order by emailing me at

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