The Questions We Know You Will Be Asking

Who is funding this?

We are, and the ‘we’ includes you. The Platform founders,┬átogether with some good friends and supporters, have put in some seed money. We have enough to kick-start the first book, and will put all the proceeds back for future volumes.

We will also ask every participating photographer to donate three prints, which we will then sell to help with the publishing.

How many books will you be publishing?

There will be 20 books in total.

Are all the photographers producing new works for their respective book?

Yes, we highly encourage that although some projects may have started earlier. We want and expect all photographers to add substantial percentage of new materials.

Are we accepting donations?

Yes, of course we can use all the help.

Do we have enough photographers to complete the project?

Yes, we think we do. In fact, we are worried that some people won’t be happy that they are not invited.

Do we welcome nominations?

Why not? While we know quite a number of photographers, we don’t pretend that we know everyone.

When and where will the books be launched?

By default, all launches will be at the monthly Platform sessions.

Why are we launching so early?

Because we are slow, and we are not working on this full-time (we can’t afford to). Because good works take time.

Are we worried other people will clone this?

No. We hope more individuals and groups will find something to do. It is for Singapore. Not just for our ego.

Do we need non-monetary help?

Of course. But we have no money to pay.

How big are your proposed books?

As big as GE11, but thicker paper stock.

Will there be words?

Yes. On top of captions, each book will include an 1-1 interview with the photographer, and this will be anchored by Leonard Goh.

Will we be open to institutional partnerships?

Yes. We have explored, and will continue to explore. But we want to retain as much creative and editorial controls as possible.

Will we pay ourselves?

No. Other than 10 copies of our own book when published, everyone is working for free.

Will the photographer be selling other prints?

It is up to the individual photographers to decide what they want to do because apart from the 15 works they are allowing us to use, they own their own works.

Are all the photographers based in Singapore?

We have eye-balled at least two who don’t live here but we hope they can still find ways to participate.

Will you be redesigning this website?

Ya lah. So ugly right?